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(no subject)  
11:12pm 10/12/2005
.r e n h o l d e r.

Put your media player on shuffle and fill it out with the first song that pops up.

Where do you live: The Key To Gramercy Park--Deadsy
Describe your first love: Pretendeavor--Norma Jean
What is your favourite thing to do: Chapter Four--Avenged Sevenfold (well, i'm gonna take that as my favorite thing to do is murder, since that's what the song is about...)
Describe your current love/crush: I'm Not Okay (I Promise)--My Chemical Romance (the fuck...)
What do you like to wear: The Great Below--nine inch nails (once again, the fuck...)
What is your challenge: Tip Your Bartender--glassJAw
Who are your friends: Valley of Solitude--Martyr-AD
Describe how you look: Fold--Unloco
What did you do last night: The Art of Self-Destruction, Pt. 1--nine inch nails
What is your goal in life: My Dark Desire--The Agony Scene
What do you do when you're angry: Some Will Seek Forgiveness, Others Escape
When do you have sex: Living Each Day Like You're Already Dead--Atreyu
How do you want to die: Another Pill--Cold
What do you say to your parents: Determined--Mudvayne
Where do you hang out: Laid To Rest--Lamb of God
What do you think of society: In the Closet--Eighteen Visions
Describe your most recent heartbreak: The Pain of Separation--As I Lay Dying
What is your excuse for everything: Vulture--A Life Once Lost
What are your thoughts on a Friday evening: Changes--David Bowie
What is your unanswered question about life: In Search of 1--In Flames
What is your favourite colour: The Great Red Shift--Most Precious Blood
What is your advice to the those less experienced: Silver and Cold--AFI
What would you rather do right now: The Stagnate--Sinai Beach (god, i miss those guys)
Describe your best friend: Angry Inch--Type O Negative
What's under your bed: Burning Years--Story of the Year
What is your most prized possession: A Million Miles--Lost Prophets
Where will you honeymoon: The End--Twisted Method
What is on your to-do list: Just Another Pretty Face--Bleeding Through
Where would you rather be: Together Rising--Throwdown
music: "The Fragile"--nine inch nails
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