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until the very end of you

until the very end of me

.r e n h o l d e r.
24 March 1983
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"There's a fine fuckin line between love and hate that we cross at least once every god damned day. And while you're saying you love me, you still push me away. You tie me at the wrists so that I can't save you."--"Hopeless", Throwdown

go fuck yourself.

a b o u t m e
name's acutally Kris.
but have been known to
answer to Ren, Danny
23, female, music lover
danny lohner's pretty rad
this past year i've given
a significant amount of money
to trent reznor and his band
of misfits. hanging out
growing up. learning how
not to give a fuck.
having fun. meeting cool
people in this funny world.
throwing away your pity
your bullshit. learning
to be myself.

is that so bad?

i wanna meet HEROES:
aaron northalessandro cortinibrandan schieppaticarltondanny lohnerjared letojeordie whitejerome dillonmartarobin fincktrent reznor

he's sexier than you
danny lohner:

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